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// video synthesis

// audio-visuals

// light + motion experimentation

// creative coding

Incidental Reflections

Motion-induced reflection and light diffraction installation


Visuals coordinator @ Resident SF

Resident is a monthly open-mic style electronic and visuals event. I perform visuals, coordinate setup for visual artists, and mix artists' visuals together. Serendipitous visual collabs are the highlights.

Live audio-visuals

I've recently performed visuals for several event series around the Bay Area, including Visions of the New World, Brouhaha, Bread SF, Resonant Frequencies, Noctuary SF, and Asterisk Collective.

Gray Area Creative Coding Immersive student

I participated in the Immersive program, and became intimate with creative coding hardware and software. Breadboards and soldering irons became my best friends.


LZX-driven video synthesis Roland V8 video mixer Genlocked CCTV camera feedback Roland P10 video sampler Resolume Arena Arduino Syphon Blackmagic Ultrastudio Express Soldering Paracosm Lumen Premiere Pro GrandVJ P5.js Three.js