* I'm
* Jason Worden.
/* I'm Jason Worden. */

// I prototype.

// I design.

// I code.

PowWow Energy

Front-End Engineer

PowWow Energy is a start-up that turns data into answers to make the life of growers easier—not more saturated with complicated data.

I utilize the Django web framework and several front-end technologies including Knockout, React, Redux, Highcharts and the Google Maps API to create a smooth user experience for growers, farm managers, and crop advisors.

As user stories develop into feature definitions, I iterate on mock-ups and write code across the stack to bring these new features to life.


Web Developer

I was a part of the Oniracom team from July 2013 - May 2015 as a web developer.

I worked closely with other developers, designers, strategists, and clients to help build responsive websites - many of which are designed to be a breeze to manage in the back-end through ExpressionEngine, Wordpress, and WooCommerce.

for example: Santa Barbara Marathon

My time at Oniracom was an unforgettable learning experience alongside awesome folks!

Speak Volumes

Co-founder / Technical Lead / VJ

Speak Volumes Media (2013-2016) is a music media entity that I co-founded in April 2013. I developed and designed the responsive website and have been a key decision-maker throughout.

We covered music we like from all over and gave exposure to several local Santa Barbara and Isla Vista acts. Fostering local talent is a proud mark left behind in the ever-so-transient college town culture.

This was my first website. It was an honor to give my colleagues an outlet for their eloquent way with words about music.

Please note: the Speak Volumes site has recently been brought back from the dead purely for demo purposes. Some features are broken and most images are missing from posts. I have made the code for the custom Wordpress theme publicly available on Github.

Dev Skills

React.js Redux.js ES6/7 NPM ecosystem jQuery (and plugin ecosystem) SASS LESS Bootstrap Responsive web design Knockout.js Google Maps Javascript API Highcharts
Django PostGres / PostGIS Express.js Node.js Mongoose
ExpressionEngine Wordpress Woocommerce
Git Matlab C++ OpenCV library Google Analytics dashboards Google Analytics event tracking Mixpanel event tracking


I perform live visuals and create installations using a combination of VJ software, Syphon, analog video synths, and DIY electronics.

Design skills


User interface prototyping / wire-framing with Balsamiq Mockups


University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

Computer Science B.A. with Geography Emphasis


3.60 GPA in C.S. coursework
3.47 GPA overall

Paraclete High School, Lancaster, CA

Valedictiorian with 4.20 GPA


Contact me

Current Address

1077 Texas St.
San Francisco, CA 94107


(661) 350 - 0447